Complaining about Clickbait Complainers

If you’re one of those clickbait complainers bastards, listen well, cuz we’re probably never going to be buddies. Ever. Like, have you even been through puberty yet?

So I have been hanging around youtube a lot lately because school has ended and I pretty much have a three month break (yeah, I am totally slacking off everyday, literally heaven on earth right now). I have been noticing a lot of these clickbait complainers and honestly, they are ticking me off. If you are one of them, f*ck you. Seriously. I am not a content maker on youtube therefore you can’t bash me on there you hater, but I am one insignificant watcher and viewer and leecher on there, so you better show some respec bra.

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About the genre supernatural


First off, I dislike the supernatural genre. It’s the first thing I’d cross out if I could when I browse for manga, novel or books. Not because I hate everything about ghost and stuff and am scared as hell to the point pissing into my pants, it’s just, well, I can’t really make heads or tails of that stuff.

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