Death of Mr. X

These are song lyrics I wrote. I am still working on it and the melody. I kinda got into the mood to write this. Personally, I think race and sex equality developments nowadays are regressions. And it makes me angry. So, to not wreck my room, why not write a song? Oh and did I mention I hate the word ‘considerate’?

Hope you like the dark part of my brain.

Delve into old books you‘ll see it

history defines it

source of all its experience

perhaps i am cruel saying

i don‘t care what‘s past

i am tired to be considerate

do you like to be treated like glass?

History supposedly makes you wiser

gives you strength to pursue justice

but what is justice

when you can‘t differ between killing and self-defense?

Why does my ethnicity matter

to feel included?

How are we all human

if we‘re predator or victim by default?

Faults of our anchestors?

I don‘t see it

should i feel awkward

asking questions as foreigner

in a german history class?

Should I feel guilty

speaking like how I learned

with a teacher of different colour

why these labels

why those distinctions

Why do they mention equality

when they keep making exceptions?

Acceptance you seek

but don‘t lose yourself in the way

sacrifice shouldn‘t be made

whatever it says

Free yourself from insecurity

Break apart weaknesses

see people clear-eyed

experience here and now

I know it‘s difficult

but it is not impossible

doubting is human

but so is understanding

So Mr. X

pack your suitcase

from now on I am in charge

and I‘ll unite the world

you‘ll never see with your narrow-heart


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