Complaining about Clickbait Complainers

If you’re one of those clickbait complainers bastards, listen well, cuz we’re probably never going to be buddies. Ever. Like, have you even been through puberty yet?

So I have been hanging around youtube a lot lately because school has ended and I pretty much have a three month break (yeah, I am totally slacking off everyday, literally heaven on earth right now). I have been noticing a lot of these clickbait complainers and honestly, they are ticking me off. If you are one of them, f*ck you. Seriously. I am not a content maker on youtube therefore you can’t bash me on there you hater, but I am one insignificant watcher and viewer and leecher on there, so you better show some respec bra.

First of all, can you sh*t your trap? Like seriously? If it’s not the thumbnail you’re complaining about, it’s the title. And it’s freaking laughable. I mean, what’s YOUR PROBLEM? It’s not like you PAYED to watch that sh*t. Complain about newspaper title baits eyecatchers, complain about your own stupidity for clicking that video wasting your oh so precious time BUT NOT THE CONTENT CREATOR.

I mean, let’s be real, would you choose a boring title for a video? Would you choose a random thumbnail if you actually are proud of your content? THAT’S HALF-ASSED JOB! If you think your content is interesting, then why shouldn’t they have interesting titles or thumbnails to show it off?

And don’t come with me by saying those content creators are up for the money. If I could do the content they do, I’d definitely would want to be rewarded with money, too. And again YOU ARE NOT FREAKING PAYING TO WATCH THAT SH*T SO SHUT UR TRAP. Don’t be high and mighty thinking without you, they wouldn’t be as successful as they are. Because the you you’re refering to is a whole community of people with different brains, and seriously, who the f*ck are you to think you can represent the whole community? JUST WHO? A freaking monarch? Admit it, you’re just an insignificant bastard lying in a dark room masturbating all day.

So coming to the worst of them all, the perverted clickbait complainers. They click on titles/thumbnails because of their lower part and after that complain because they don’t get the relieve they wanted.

I’ll be honest with you, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Porn on youtube? Seriously bra, go to pornhub or something for that sh*t. No expectations will be disappointed, you’ll get what you’re searching for. But on youtube? I don’t get people sometimes.

Of course there are people that have titles and thumbnails completely different to their content. Those people are seriously the worst, that’s wasting my precious break time right there. However, those who does show what their title are promising are precious bastards you can’t bash even while it’s only for a few seconds. I mean if it’s a vlog, what do you expect? They can’t just show one single part of their life. If it’s an Q&A, you should probably expect that there will be several questions being answered. And if the thumbnail or title hinting towards something that is not true, better waste your energy to complain to all those tabloids and gossip newspapers, I want them to be banned out from earth. Like seriously, they are seriously annoying.

So let me define those using clickbaits wrongly namely those who can’t give good content or suggest something completely irrelevant to the content. Honestly, those who seek all the drama on youtube by bashing all the youtubers on there are the kings of clickbait users. Zero content, million views (/money), thousand stupid people part of their troll army. And don’t get me started with ‘Reactionators’. Geez.

Why can’t people just blacklist channels they don’t like on youtube and don’t watch it? Like who forces you to watch and be a hater? Bored much?

Lala laterzzz ;-;


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