Respect your Elders, dang it!


Today, let’s talk about old people. And I mean, real old people, like 50+ years old. Seriously kiddies, don’t ever tell a thirty something they’re old. THEY’RE NOT. Just to make that clear. You’ll not regret it once you’re that age. Not like I expect you to listen to my words though. Sigh. Just beware of your life turning into hell! Just sayin.

Anyway, respecting your elders. Be polite and all that shite.

I am from an Asian family, so I do need to show respect and all that. Of course, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Of course.

Of course. What are you thinking?

Just… showing respect to even someone ONE WEEK OLDER THAN I AM is freakin silly. In asian countries you’ll need to add a suffix and be really polite and all. I don’t oppose if it’s my grandma/pa or aunt/uncle. I mean, would be really weird to call them by their name. At least for me due to my asian heritage.

BUT TO A COUSIN THAT IS ONLY OLDER FOR ONE WEEK. AND WE’RE ALL SUPER CLOSE AND STUFF. WHY DO I STILL NEED TO BE ALL RESPECTING?!? He himself doesn’t even put any significance to it. However, my parents are all freaked out about how affectionately we’re calling each other. As though I am a disgrace. As though I just stole a candy from a little kid and flaunting about it.


To be real honest, I didn’t want to talk about that. About the shitty system with the suffix and all I will definitely talk about in another post. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T IMAGINE HOW BROKEN IT IS.


We all should respect our elders. And this phrase is certainly not meant to work in reverse. Elders, won’t show respect to you. FACE IT.

They look down on you! Thinking along the lines that young people are their slaves!! Only because they live a little longer, they think they’re GOD or something! I mean seriously, let me tell you a story.

Actually, I heard this from my driving instructor. Guy’s a young lad, and was in a restaurant. He and his friends were like the last customers, just finishing their drinks. Germans love to talk and drink for hours. Anyway, the kitchen was already closed. It was 10:15 PM.

Then, a fifty year old woman, with her eighty-year old mother came into the restaurant. Just imagine someone holding their chin up high with a hunched body. ARROGANCE IS LITERALLY WRITTEN ON THEIR FACES.

They wanted to eat. And they literally said, the wanted to eat, but pronto. The waitress was so nice, telling them politely the kitchen has already closed and the cooks went home. BUT OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T LISTEN TO THAT FRESH PIECE OF FLESH. OF COURSE NOT.

They were complaining, yelling, and screamed all their anger into the poor waitress, who kept her apologies and professionally kept her smiling face. Honestly if this was a superhero film, she’d be my bae. These two mother and child pair of stupidos kept yelling and disturbing others while being high- and mighty about it, as though it would make any difference.

And then, the granny needed to go to the toilet. But because granny is old and frail and needs support, waiters and waitresses needed to show her the name and help her out. Of course, without a thank you.

When she came back… well, this is the LOL but also the sad part, people. She saw that bowl of candies and SHOVED HER HAND INTO IT AND TOOK A HANDFUL OF CANDIES. Then, she stuck it into her pockets, and proudly went to her daughter, who DID THE SAME. SERIOUSLY DID THE SAME THING; and they went away. Of course being supported by waiters and waitresses, after all, it’s a common thing to help old people and it’s not like there are some old people who dislike it, I mean everyone expects you to help an old person without a thank you, it’s common sense – according to a certain candy-stealing-granny-poopooo.

So. I don’t mean to generalize all old people. BUT SOME ARE JUST TICKING ME OFF WITH THEIR STUPID BEHAVIOUR. I mean come one, only because you’re older, you can also be in the wrong and need piece of advice.


There’s a saying, that trust is earned. And so is respect.

Lala laterzzz!


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