About the genre supernatural


First off, I dislike the supernatural genre. It’s the first thing I’d cross out if I could when I browse for manga, novel or books. Not because I hate everything about ghost and stuff and am scared as hell to the point pissing into my pants, it’s just, well, I can’t really make heads or tails of that stuff.

People say, supernatural is a branch of fantasy. Urban fantasy. A fantasy that happens in our times. Did you know there are actually supernatural movies claming they’re based on a true story? Say what? There are even priests who are experts dealing with patients that are possessed by ghosts. It’s a freakin occupation.

My mom told me a story about someone she heard about who apparently often gets possessed by dead chinese royality. Yeah, seriously, it’s a freakin thing. She even appeared quite convinced about this story she only heard about. That possessed girl seemed to be totally different when possessed, her entire personality seems to change. And after the chinese royality leaves her body, she’ll be weak and needs to stay in bed for weeks to recuperate. Say whaat??

Now, leave me the side of things. She is sick. Yeah, agreed, totally sick for attention. I don’t believe her, she stinks, it’s bulshit, if you want, an acting genius. Or she’s just crazy and read too many historical chinese drama. Imagination can run wild, after all.

So what does this have to do with my dislike towards the whole supernatural genre? Simple, it’s stupid. I can understand horror, but don’t come to me with supernatural. Talking with dead people? Are you serious brah? More like, those dead people embodies your wild imagination for wanting to be a transparent ghost legally peeping in girl’s changing rooms. Or boys, I mean, girls are perverts too.

Let’s look at the supernatural genre more closely, shall we? Often, the setting is our current time, thus somewhat relateable, right? Good. But heck, there’s vampire and stuff. Isn’t that supernatural, too? What about supernatural in science-fictions?

Well dang, I give up finding a definition of it. It’s too broad for me to care. So.

What is supernatural genre stupid? Well, because we obviously don’t need to have a word for something where the opinions differ about the definition of it. I mean, why do we need to make our lives more difficult than it already is??? Even supernatural events that apparently occurs around us, is because us humans have a wild imagination and notice-me-senpai constitution.

Alright, for once, let me make a vaild point (or not so much but whatever). Hearing “supernatural occurence” probably gets you curious right? You probably will be doubting at first, but tempted to hear the whole story right? Fantastical occurence however, makes you frown, sneering if not. EVEN THOUGH IT’S PRACTICALLY THE SAME, ONLY PUT MORE GENERAL. Using supernatural IS MISLEADING. It’s like telling kids there’s santa claus!! JUST serving to be a camouflaged advertisement for coke! IT’S MAKING MIND’S CORRUPT! R-18! DANGERZZZ!!

If you think this was a pointless rant, well, I can’t deny that because I pretty much had no solid points against supernatural. But can’t I dislike something without being all so awesome argumenting for it? I am just some stupid trash in the internet. What do you care? I am a kindergarten kid, still learning to reason. Meh. Random rant finito.

Pro supernatural abolishment!

Lala laterzz~


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