Popular = Good?


So I hang around a lot on youtube and love to check out music of all kinds in every language (mostly german, english, indonesian, french, japanese and korean though, that I somewhat can understand) and it’s really bothering me how people react differently to popular music and not-so-popular music.

Do you remember gangnam style? Yeah, that korean song with that awesome dance? I watched it on youtube while the viewer count was not so many and dang I knew it would be popular. First, the song is catchy and second the dance makes even people that are not so interested in music interested.

Showing it to my friends however didn’t awoke much reactions. They were just like ‘oh yeah, it’s good’. But after it was popular and everyone was talking about it?

A big difference! It’s like the viewer count changed their music taste! So messed up!

A music piece is not judged by popularity, but your own taste right? This feels like everyone just goes with the flow going like ‘if everyone likes it, it must be good’ and ended up liking it despite being indifferent about it before.

Another theory of mine would be, that they’re listening more closely to a song everyone recognizes as good. Well, that would be possible too. I mean, I am also one of those youtube leechers who jump from one video to another while doing other stuff in the meanwhile.

Doesn’t change that this is quite sad. There are also some awesome youtubers who do freaking epic original music, but it doesn’t get enough appreciation. I OBJECT TO THIS. LISTEN CLOSELY GUYS AND YOU’LL FIND HIDDEN GEMS EVERYWHERE! Though on youtube there’s also the quality, editing and equipment difference that influences the ear, but that’s another aspect I’d rant about for hours.

Lala laterzzz!

P.S. David Snape, Sir, thankies for following I hope I won’t make your boredom more extreme than it already is nyehe.



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