An awkward start

Hey people who are so bored to check my blog out.

I’ll be honest with you, I registered on wordpress only so I can easily comment on other blogs. Yeah. As simple as that.

Why I decided to post this? Boredom gets me to do everything, believe me.

So what the hell am I planning to write here? Am I even planning to write anything?

First thing first, hello, Lala’s my name. I am actually not much of a gintama fan, but I like the pic so I decided to make it my profile pic. I am more of a random person than planned, so this happened spontaneously out of boredom.

I like reading, and I am currently obsessed with japanese and chinese novels. I love music, I myself play guitar and piano. I like drawing but I am not particularly skilled in it.

So let’s get back to the topic. What am I planning to post? Everything really what interests me. Let’s get this to be a lifestyle blog. Anyone willing to follow me in my random blog posts is greatly appreciated, because honestly I love to chat and comment on a comment on a comment on a comment on a… yeah, you’ll never get rid of me. Anyone bored enough, chat with me~

And also as you might have noticed, I am not a native english speaker therefore writing posts like this will also train my english, dang passing my boredom and practicing english, practically killing two birds with one stone aren’t I a genius.

Lala laterzzz!


Death of Mr. X

These are song lyrics I wrote. I am still working on it and the melody. I kinda got into the mood to write this. Personally, I think race and sex equality developments nowadays are regressions. And it makes me angry. So, to not wreck my room, why not write a song? Oh and did I mention I hate the word ‘considerate’?

Hope you like the dark part of my brain.

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Complaining about Clickbait Complainers

If you’re one of those clickbait complainers bastards, listen well, cuz we’re probably never going to be buddies. Ever. Like, have you even been through puberty yet?

So I have been hanging around youtube a lot lately because school has ended and I pretty much have a three month break (yeah, I am totally slacking off everyday, literally heaven on earth right now). I have been noticing a lot of these clickbait complainers and honestly, they are ticking me off. If you are one of them, f*ck you. Seriously. I am not a content maker on youtube therefore you can’t bash me on there you hater, but I am one insignificant watcher and viewer and leecher on there, so you better show some respec bra.

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Respect your Elders, dang it!


Today, let’s talk about old people. And I mean, real old people, like 50+ years old. Seriously kiddies, don’t ever tell a thirty something they’re old. THEY’RE NOT. Just to make that clear. You’ll not regret it once you’re that age. Not like I expect you to listen to my words though. Sigh. Just beware of your life turning into hell! Just sayin.

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About the genre supernatural


First off, I dislike the supernatural genre. It’s the first thing I’d cross out if I could when I browse for manga, novel or books. Not because I hate everything about ghost and stuff and am scared as hell to the point pissing into my pants, it’s just, well, I can’t really make heads or tails of that stuff.

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